Claim Your Attic 

Your best storage option is above your head. What if the attic storage above your home and garage was easy, safe and convenient? You could reduce clutter. Claim more living space. Reclaim your garage for your car. Increase closet space. Add value to your home.

SpaceLift™ attic lift is a motorized platform capable of transporting up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of cargo per trip from your living space to your attic (or basement) at three inches per second with the push of a button. 

It is like having your own mini freight elevator to carry storage in and out of your attic in just minutes; it’s a dumbwaiter for your stuff. It works in tandem with your attic stairs or ladder. Use your ladder for you and a SpaceLift for your stuff. It’s safer!

Best-in-Class Features Included:

• No vertical restriction: tall boxes, awkward items, stacks of containers, all move unobstructed

• Low-profile design: loading and unloading is easy, save your back, flexibility in cargo types and where you place your lift

• Smart controls: push button ease, safety features include obstacle detection and load weight protection

• High capacity: carries up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet for fewer trips • 2-Year Limited Warranty: buy with confidence and enjoy years of reliable service

Space Lift Brochure: Click HERE